Printer Buying Guide

printer buying guide

So you would like to buy a printer for your home or office, but maybe you don’t know which one is best for you or where to buy a printer in Shanghai.

This buying guide will get you started with an explanation of the different features and printer categories. When you find the one you want, just add it to your cart, enter your shipping address and receive it in 2-3 days, then pay by cash or Chinese bank card on delivery.

5 Questions to Consider

Key Features to Understand

If you only need a black/white printer, this can save you money. You may also want to look at laser printers which have a faster print speed and more pages per toner cartridge.

If yes, then definitely choose an inkjet printer, and possibly a photo printer for exceptional prints. Laser printers use a different printing technology that makes it quite difficult to print high-quality photos, but they are excellent for documents with text and simple diagrams.

If you don’t already have a scanner, then you will probably want to get an all-in-one printer. This allows you to buy one device for printing, scanning and copying in your home office. It saves money and space on your desk.

Choose a printer with duplex (double-sided) printing. This will allow you to automatically print on both sides of the paper, saving time, paper, and document thickness.

Look for wireless printers that offer AirPrint technology. It’s a quick way to offer printing services to all devices on the network.

Printer Speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm). 22ppm is around average for most printers. Color documents take longer than black and white sheets.

Resolution refers to the number of dots per square inch (dpi) and helps determines the print quality. The professional standard for printing is 300dpi. Even the cheapest printers are able to print in 1200 x 4800 dpi, which produces high quality documents and lab quality photos.

Laser printers do not use liquid ink and do not spray directly on the paper. Instead, the printer electronically charges the paper so that when the paper passes by the toner cartridge, the carbon powder is fused with heat onto the paper. Laser printers are best if you primarily print black and white text documents, though color is also available. Laser is also significantly faster than color printers.

Though if you want to print photos then definitely go for inkjet. Because each color of the the laser toner is printed separately, the paper must line up exactly in order to produce a clear image, so inkjet always produces a better quality photo than laser.

Depending on the type of printer, there may be a control pad on the machine face. It is now common for printers to have LCD displays allowing viewing of what you are about to print and progress reports.

Connectivity: Most printers connect via a USB cable to your computer or via wifi.

Wireless Printing and AirPrint: Many printers will allow you to print from any device that is on the same wifi network as the printer. If the printer offers AirPrint, this also includes iPhone and iPad.

Duplexing will allow you to automatically print on both sides without printing one side and then manually reinserting the same paper. For printing longer documents on both sides, duplexing is an indispensable feature.

Shop for Printers by Category

Inkjet printers are great if you just need a good, all-around printer for occasional printing. Many of them are also all-in-one printers with scanning and copying functionality.

– Less expensive than laser printers
– Ink is mixed instead of added separately, which creates better quality photos
– Less expensive ink cartridges

– Slower print speed
– Need to change ink cartridges more often

Laser printers are the business standard for professional document printing. They’re fast, high-capacity printing machines, though replacement toner cartridges can be more expensive

-Text is crisp
-Fast printing for multi-page documents
-Higher print capacity between changing toner cartridges

– More expensive than inkjet printers
– While color printing is available, inkjet produces better photos

All-in-one printers are available with both inkjet or laser printing systems. If you don’t already have a scanner, then you will probably want to get an all-in-one model.

– Save space and money by combining scanners and printers
– Available for both inkjet and laser printer models

– If you don’t need a scanner, then a simple inkjet or laser printer will be less expensive

With an expanded color range and borderless printing, photo printers are perfect for creating lab-quality photos in your home.

– Most photo printers use 5 different color cartridges (adding light cyan and light magenta) plus 1-2 black cartridges, in order to create the most lifelike photos.
– Borderless printing
– Many can also print documents, but be sure to check.
– Print directly from your camera’s SD card

– Printing photos is slower than documents, but quality takes time!