We keep our prices competitive with the brick-and-mortar stores in Shanghai, though there are special cases that may raise questions. Please find some answers below.

How are you able to sell Apple products for a better price than the Apple store? Are they genuine Apple products?

We are pleased to offer all Apple products at a better price than the Apple stores in China. We are able to do this because we source our products from Apple’s official distributors, who receive a discount from Apple. We then share this discount with our customers.

TEK-Shanghai only sells genuine products. All Apple products come with Apple’s official 1-year warranty and our free 2-3 day delivery and English support service.

Why are some of your products much more expensive than in the US or Europe?

Generally speaking, all international brand electronics are cheapest in the US. Because companies can sell in large volumes and the US is a priority market for new products, most companies offer very good prices in the US. China’s market is not as developed for high-quality, international brands, so the prices are a bit higher.

Some brands have official distribution in China, which makes the price reasonable. For other products, especially very new products, these need to be imported in small quantities, which makes them significantly more expensive. We will lower our price on these products as soon as they become officially available in China. Current examples include the Fitbit Force and Lumio.

Do you have any discounts available?
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